There are now 4 flavorful blends of Jimmy J’s Sauces available.
Find your favorite below and start enjoying the full sensation today of Jimmy J’s Sauces!
All of our flavors are available in 10 oz. samples & oversize 21 oz. or 42 oz. convenient squeeze bottles.
160 oz. Gallons also available (contact us for details).

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Mild: This mild sauce is our original recipe. It contains no peppers, no MSG and no liquid smoke. So go ahead and use it on everything you make with no fear of acid reflex.
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Medium: Our medium sauce has a tangy zip with just a hint of peppers. It gives your food the added flavor you desire and you still get that great BBQ taste.
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Hot: This is our Hot Sauce. We start with our original flavor and add peppers to heighten your senses. The flavor then levels out to leave you with the exact temperature of heat you desire.
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XXX: This is our most adventurous flavor. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. We take our Hot Sauce and kick-it up with Habaneros. A fantastic flavor but not so hot you lose the basic Jimmy J’s taste.
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